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Jen D davidsje at onid.orst.edu
Tue Jul 9 23:52:27 UTC 2013


Researchers at Oregon State University are striving to conduct research to
learn more about the free/open source software community landscape as it
relates to older adults. We have identified you as a leader for a free/open
source software community. If you’re interested, we will either do an
in-person interview (if you are local to the Corvallis or Portland area),
or an interview over the phone (if you are not local). The interview is
expected to last no longer than an hour. You will not be compensated for
participating in this study.

The study title is Involving Older Adults in the Design and Development of
Free/Open Source Software – Part 2. The principal investigator is Dr.
Carlos Jensen.

If you would like to participate in the study, please read through the
consent document [1]. Please email us at davidsje at onid.orst.edu to set up a
time/location to do an interview.

Thank you,

Jennifer Davidson                            Carlos Jensen

davidsje at onid.orst.edu                    cjensen at eecs.oregonstate.edu

 [1] people.oregonstate.edu/~davidsje/researchForms/groupA/

Jennifer Davidson
Human-Computer Interaction PhD Student
IGERT in Aging Sciences Program
Center for Healthy Aging Research
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Oregon State University
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