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Biên Hoàng hoangbienit at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 01:21:25 UTC 2013

Dear Dr. Carlos Jensen,
I would like to participate in the study. Please set up a time to do an
interview for me at Saturday by phone. My phone number is +84 (0) 90 88 83
00 99.

Thank and Best regards,

2013/7/10 Jen D <davidsje at onid.orst.edu>

> Hello,
> Researchers at Oregon State University are striving to conduct research to
> learn more about the free/open source software community landscape as it
> relates to older adults. We have identified you as a leader for a free/open
> source software community. If you’re interested, we will either do an
> in-person interview (if you are local to the Corvallis or Portland area),
> or an interview over the phone (if you are not local). The interview is
> expected to last no longer than an hour. You will not be compensated for
> participating in this study.
> The study title is Involving Older Adults in the Design and Development of
> Free/Open Source Software – Part 2. The principal investigator is Dr.
> Carlos Jensen.
> If you would like to participate in the study, please read through the
> consent document [1]. Please email us at davidsje at onid.orst.edu to set up
> a time/location to do an interview.
> Thank you,
> Jennifer Davidson                            Carlos Jensen
> davidsje at onid.orst.edu                    cjensen at eecs.oregonstate.edu
>  [1] people.oregonstate.edu/~davidsje/researchForms/groupA/
> --
> Jennifer Davidson
> Human-Computer Interaction PhD Student
> IGERT in Aging Sciences Program
> Center for Healthy Aging Research
> Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
> Oregon State University

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