[development] Bootstrap Phases

Chris Miller cjm at tryx.org
Fri Oct 11 15:32:49 UTC 2013

Hi Folks, 

Which bootstrap phase has enough environment established that Drupal can now start going through the filesystem looking for *.info files and loading modules? Does this happen in two steps -- core and contrib? Or does this happen much later after the bootstrap phases? 

I spent some time stepping through bootstrap code yesterday and I was unable to find the meat of the procedure. Lots of calls to drupal_static which is part of loading the internal, in-memory configuration structures, and even a call to read the database "select * from cache_bootstrap where cid = 'system_list';" (Where is this row constructed and written to the database so bootstrapping can read it?) which has the effect of loading much of $data. 

Thanks for the help, 

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