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PHPStorm is being used by quite a lot of us these days. Also there is an
Acquia license for it (check the intranet for that).

On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 12:35 PM, Chris Miller <cjm at tryx.org> wrote:

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> I don't believe NetBeans has it fully implemented for PHP yet. I can get
> it open on Java, but never could for PHP. The Drupal plugin wouldn't have
> any affect on this at all (fyi - I'm the author of that plugin).
> (fyi - that played a major part in my decision to post this question here.)
> You have actually answered my question completely, and I have now learned
> that I have not misconfigured something; it just doesn't work yet, so I can
> stop looking for reasons why. And that is not what I would like, but that
> is a complete answer. The consequence is that maybe I have to try Eclipse,
> or PHPStorm, or some such.  Any advice?
> Chris.

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