[development] math latex no print

Don Orlando phylabs at berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 26 22:20:35 UTC 2014

When we use the print friendly pages and the PDF generation tools the
Mathjax code isn’t processed by the client and the results are anywhere
there would normally have been an equation is just a mess of Latex. We
need students to be able to print the pages with the mathjax code. One
option is to use another Latex editor that processes the code server
side but this is very limiting as it just converts the code to images on
the server side and links them. Because they just process the images the
code is never saved so any time we want to make a change we have to
completely rewrite that segment of code. Also because they are stored as
images they are clumsy to work with compared to mathjax. We need a Latex
editor that will allow for client side processing of the Latex code and
a PDF converter that will interpret that code when generating the PDF’s.

Considering how many departments at Berkeley will require this I would
hope that it isn’t terribly difficult to implement. Right now it seems
like there’s only one viable option I’m going to be testing out but if
you have any ideas I’m all ears. I know many wiki’s have the ability to
both edit the math notation and offer a printer friendly page that also
processes the math notation. It doesn’t make sense for us to transition
to Drupal unless it supported the same functionality.

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