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Clemens Tolboom clemens at build2be.nl
Fri Jun 27 05:56:32 UTC 2014

Have you filed an issue into https://www.drupal.org/project/mathjax ?

On 27 jun. 2014, at 00:20, Don Orlando <phylabs at berkeley.edu> wrote:

> When we use the print friendly pages and the PDF generation tools the
> Mathjax code isn’t processed by the client and the results are anywhere
> there would normally have been an equation is just a mess of Latex. We

I wasn’t aware print friendly has that limitation … most of my module will fail there too :-(

> need students to be able to print the pages with the mathjax code. One
> option is to use another Latex editor that processes the code server
> side but this is very limiting as it just converts the code to images on
> the server side and links them. Because they just process the images the
> code is never saved so any time we want to make a change we have to
> completely rewrite that segment of code. Also because they are stored as
> images they are clumsy to work with compared to mathjax. We need a Latex

Have you read http://docs.mathjax.org/en/latest/options/SVG.html … it still would need a client side postprocessing it into SVG and but it back into the content. Not sure that will work.
> editor that will allow for client side processing of the Latex code and
> a PDF converter that will interpret that code when generating the PDF’s.
> Considering how many departments at Berkeley will require this I would
> hope that it isn’t terribly difficult to implement. Right now it seems
> like there’s only one viable option I’m going to be testing out but if
> you have any ideas I’m all ears. I know many wiki’s have the ability to

What wiki’s … do you have some pointers for reference?

> both edit the math notation and offer a printer friendly page that also
> processes the math notation. It doesn’t make sense for us to transition
> to Drupal unless it supported the same functionality.

It always makes sense to transition to Drupal as features are build all the time :p

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