[documentation] Szeged Doc Sprint summary

Addison Berry drupal at rocktreesky.com
Wed Sep 3 11:14:03 UTC 2008

Here is a "short" summary of the Doc sprint we had at Szeged. It was  
an awesome time and I can't capture all of it in here. I just wanted  
to list of the big points (that I even know about). Lots of people  
were working on all kinds of stuff so I'm sure more was done than I  
can cover here. The biggest bummer for me is that I couldn't really  
manage to extend to the sprint into the evening which would have made  
it more possible for folks in North America to attend. I do have a  
bunch of thoughts on more sprints though, so stay tuned for a post  
about that in the next week or so.

So, here is a quick list of stuff we accomplished. I don't have the  
names of everyone who helped out, so I'm sorry that I can't list them  
all out. There were too many people ;-) and I only had a chance to  
meet most of them briefly.
- Thanks to Niels Bom and David Strauss we had a chunked up list of  
docs issues that needed components converted so that went swimmingly.  
It was tedious but a big thansk to everyone for rocking that.
- We also moved anything in the Documentation in CVS component to  
Drupal core's queue under the Documentation component there once  
webchick gave the go ahead.
- Paschal Ssemaganda assisted the Usability team with a bunch of  
component work as well so they could close down the User Experience  
- Joachim Noreiko wrote the new simple tasks page at http://drupal.org/node/302146 
  and worked on a bit of clean up of the Contributing to Docs section.
- Once the simple task page was written a *lot* of folks reviewed the  
task page and worked on the tasks listed. ;-) Everyone should please  
review the page and make improvements. We want to have a clear place  
to send new docs folks so they can dig in right away and feel like  
they have some direction.
- We opened up the Getting started guide for Drupal 6 (http://drupal.org/getting-started/6 
) to editing by the docs team (it was previously restricted by input  
format). We need these docs updated and many people at the sprint were  
eager to work on them, so they are now open. Please feel free to get  
them up to speed so that new users have a good reference.
- Paschal and Barry Madore did work on improving the docs on adding  
- Stella Power worked on JS code standards and Alan Burke worked on  
CSS code standards.
- Moshe did a little Diff module mojo and created a patch for the  
Drupal.org module to add a direct link to the latest diff on the  
recent updates page (http://drupal.org/handbook/updates). That will  
appear on the site once Killes gets a chance to deploy the updates.
- The Usability team outlined a new Usability section for the handbook  
and Niels started to write it up.
- We added a bunch of people to the docs team, so welcome to all the  
new team members.
- There was a ton of activity in the IRC channel that was hard for me  
to keep up with since there was so much snatching me away at the  
sprint, so kudos to the folks who were in the channel, especially the  
ones not in Szeged but still taking part in the srpint.
- Lots and lots and lots and lots of people were cleaning up the issue  
queue, rolling in comments, reviewing sections of the handbook, eating  
chocolate and generally having a great time.

Whew, that's about as much as I can spit out right now.

Other stuff going on in docs that isn't sprint-related per se:
- I've created a read-only g.d.o group at http://groups.drupal.org/documentation-team 
  where we can post updates on work and announcements. This allows  
people who are not on the mailing list to be apprised of things and  
gives a central location for Doc team info with an RSS feed. It will  
mainly be used to summarize and point to mailing list threads,  
important issues in the queue and to d.o forum/front page posts. We  
will also post all scheduled meetings here so you can keep track of  
those too and add them to your calendar. Since it is read-only, there  
are no group subscriptions available and currently myself and sepeck  
have rights to add new posts.
- Just want to remind folks (and point new members) to the  ongoing  
discussion about opening editing to all auth users (http://lists.drupal.org/pipermail/documentation/2008-August/006191.html 
). Please provide your feedback *in that thread* by Sept. 8.
- The Getting involved handbook issues (http://drupal.org/project/issues?projects=18753&text=Contrib%20Redesign:)still 
  need work so we can do the reorg. Thanks to everyone that has been  
chipping away at that.

I've got a bunch more stuff to sput about but this post is already  
hella long so I'll wrap up there. Really, HUGE thanks to everyone. I  
am damned excited about the docs team right now and I feel like we are  
kicking butt.

Keep rockin' the docs!
Addi (add1sun)

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