[support] phc obfuscate / drupal 7

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 25 13:23:12 UTC 2012

Those aren't errors. They are notices.

Since the errors only occur when using PHC, then the problem lies in 
PHC. I would ask on their mailing list.

I doubt you would find much help from the Drupal Community since 
obfuscating is generally frowned upon (and even consider a violation of 
terms by some) by the open source world and therefor not really used.

Jamie Holly

On 12/25/2012 5:26 AM, Austin Einter wrote:
> Dear All
> I compiled phc in ubuntu 10.04 lts.
> Next I am trying to obfusace some php code (which is part of a drupal 
> based code). I just tried obfuscating a single file using phc. It did  
> work.
> But when I am trying to access my site, I get bunch of below errors.
> /Notice: Undefined variable: TSa200978216 in doc_search_my_form() 
> (line 475 of 
> /var/www/example.com/sites/all/modules/doc_search/doc_search.module 
> <http://example.com/sites/all/modules/doc_search/doc_search.module>).
> Notice: Undefined variable: TSa1454652404 in doc_search_my_form() 
> (line 482 of 
> /var/www/example.com/sites/all/modules/doc_search/doc_search.module 
> <http://example.com/sites/all/modules/doc_search/doc_search.module>).
> /
> Mostly these are variable undefined errors. When the file is in normal 
> mode (having normal php code), it does not throw any error. When the 
> file is in obfuscated mode , when I access my site I get lots of 
> variable undefined error. Any idea what's wrong here.
> Thanks

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