[consulting] UML case+component modelling

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Fri Dec 8 07:07:26 UTC 2006

I do this pretty routinely - the mappings are approximate - but they
help me conceptualize the site and communicate ideas to team members.  I
rely pretty heavily on Use Case diagrams.  I tend not to build out
actual use cases themselves - usually because they are so trivial as to
not be worth the time.  However having a collection of UCs,
understanding what users they are used by and being able to group them
into logical sets is very helpful.  I also wind up doing a bit of class
diagramming - where I model out drupal "primitives" like nodes, users,
anonymous users as super classes which then can be "inherited" from.  I
also find that modeling out "relationships" like "has a" as well as
cardinality 1-0*m, 1-1 etc. can be useful.  Lastly I occasionally use
interaction diagrams and state diagrams to clarify relationships and
logical flow.  You can see examples of most of this in my postings at
http://groups.drupal.org/events-in-drupal (drob).  I have used Rational
Rose (not recently) and Visio in the past - however I've been using
SDE-EC (http://www.visual-paradigm.com/product/sde/ec/) which integrates
with Eclipse and is really very good.

> hi there
> Im just refining my practices for spec'ing a new site out with a  
> client. We've gone documented what functionality we want and where  
> possible which drupal modules are going todo it.
> However i was wondering if anyone has expirience in modelling this  
> kind of stuff via some UML component type diagrams? im not so  
> interested in the user case stuff just yet, but i do want to show  
> things like "A list of current jobs lives in a node table which uses  
> the views module to provide a block and a page"
> any ideas or examples?
> cheers
> leigh
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