[consulting] What does Corporate Blogging mean?

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Thu Feb 9 11:43:12 UTC 2006

Forrester is doing an an evaluation of "corporate blogging solutions"  
-- see http://blogs.forrester.com/charleneli/2006/01/ 

Here's how I answered, and posted at http://www.bryght.com/blog/boris- 
mann/what-does-corporate-blogging-mean -- the comments are very  
useful in understanding either real or perceived needs of Fortune 500  
customers. You might want to think about (and post!) what corporate  
blogging means to you in terms of Drupal, as well as how Drupal today/ 
in the future can fill those requirements.

>  @Darren: thanks...one of these days we'll productize the more  
> corporate features...
> @Vassil Mladjov: "Drupal is great for personal blogging". Actually,  
> no. WordPress is great for personal blogging...Drupal should not be  
> deployed unless you want massive scale, multi-user :P I think you  
> would be surprised at some of the corporations using it...
> Charlene: I'm not convinced that you're asking the right questions  
> yet. What do you mean by "corporate blogging"?
>    1. Corporate Blogging as Blog: a way for all interested people  
> at a company to have a blog, integrated or not with the main  
> company site (e.g. company.com/blogs or blogs.company.com)
>    2. Corporate Blogging as Intranet: a corporate intranet based on  
> blogging technology to be used for everything from project logs to  
> internal communication to competitive intelligence.
>    3. Corporate Blogging as Inforouter: a system that aggregates  
> all info from different systems within the company using everything  
> from RSS (lowest common denominator) to direct APIs (maps from  
> Google, contacts from Salesforce).
>    4. Corporate Blogging as CMS: replace the public/private website  
> and/or portal with a system that has its roots in easy editing and  
> updating.
> Also...you want WAY more than just blogging, I think. What about  
> automatically aggregating in all mentions of your company, but in a  
> way that lets you categorize and approve (spam) which aggregated  
> content to republish?
> Can you tell that I think "just" blogging is no longer interesting?
> Thanks to all for comments here...lots of good stuff. I'll have to  
> come back and dig through all the requirements and see about what  
> the best way would be to match them.

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