[consulting] Costs of forking

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Thu Feb 9 19:10:11 UTC 2006

Laura Scott wrote:
> Here at the lower end of the food chain I've run into
>> a bunch of people who hear all this and assume therefore
>> that the site builder needs to do less work than she
>> would building from scratch.  And therefore that this
>> should be costing them less money, always, in all cases.
>> Suck.
> The difference is that they don't have to pay licensing on the code. 
> They own the code. And their site will not turn into a pumpkin in 2 
> years or whatever. That's the huge difference in cost, especially over time.


I'm merely pointing out that there's a perceived
weakness in presentation for us with a certain type
of client - Ber's 'one shot and no foresight' crowd,

Of course there's an argument to be made that you
don't *want* that sort of client anyway :)


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