[consulting] "Page" Content-type Needs Renaming for Usability Reasons... Suggestions?

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Fri Aug 7 06:00:08 UTC 2009

Good evening,

Currently D7 has the two following default content types

Use articles for time-specific content like news, press releases or  
blog posts.

Use pages for your static content, such as an 'About us' page.	


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On 7-Aug-09, at 1:34 AM, Shai Gluskin wrote:

> For a change of topic...
> I've been giving some focus on training and usability lately,  
> writing up a lot of stuff... and I just realized that I want to  
> change the name of the stock "Page" content-type.
> Because of the very common expression "Web page" clients can get  
> confused by the "Page" content-type.
> I actually think the term "web page" is very useful in communicating  
> with clients. To me that expression "web page" = unique URL. But as  
> a content-type, multiple "Pages" can be listed on one "Web page"  
> using Views, built in taxonomy views, etc.  And, of course, other  
> content-types show up on "web pages" --- so it's a semantic mess.
> I do like Drupal's out-of-the-box suggested distinction of a "Page"  
> being a listing of more permanent, non time-bound info, whereas a  
> story is more newsy and gets old (hence the default settings of  
> having the byline and pub date turned on in a story and off for a  
> "Page").
> So the question is, what to rename the "Page" content-type?
> This is my list so far... I don't like any of them:
> Article
> Generic Content
> Static Content
> Informative Content
> Information
> What do you guys use? Do you just keep "Page." Have you noticed that  
> "Page" is confusing for clients?
> p.s. I haven't been following D7 progress closely... does anyone  
> know if anyone else has pointed out this problem and suggested a  
> different name for "Page"?
> Best,
> Shai
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