[consulting] Drupal Certification

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Aug 11 15:51:21 UTC 2009

Laura wrote:
> I have trouble with this statement. There are reasons some might
> believe that "certification" could be bad for the community, as have
> been expressed here. So STFU is not the right message here, as it was
> not in the previous email a couple of days go, imho.

In actual experience there is no evidence to show that any existing
certification related to open source projects (LPI, BSDCert, MySQL,
Zend, Ubuntu, RHCE, etc.) has caused any damage to their related
communities. Indeed, just the opposite has occurred, with both direct
and indirect new business ventures and job opportunities arising from
their existence. Those parts of the respective communities who like
certification get involved, those who don't ignore it and are unaffected.

The onus is on opponents to demonstrate -- rather than just theorize --
damage to the community, given the large number of existing models
available to examine. Without evidence the opposition is just
fearmongering, and in my opinion STFU is an appropriate response to
fearmongering of any kind.

- Evan

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