[drupal-devel] Is anybody doing any major work on subscriptionsmodule?

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Sun Apr 3 07:11:52 UTC 2005

This should be the way the module behaves now. Testing is needed. We're 
rolling the module onto the NowPublic.com production site which has 
proved a good testing grounds so far.

I believe the user also doesn't get notified of every single subscribed 
category that the updated post hits and I would like to fix this.


> i think digest users really want one email combining all their 
> subscribed posts. i hope that is feasible. I don't think it is even 
> necessary to explain to he email user under which subscription a given 
> node was added to the email. we would also need to remove duplicate 
> nodes (e.g. a node is posted to one of my subscribed categories by a 
> subscribed user).
> -moshe

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