[drupal-devel] Node access module

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Tue Apr 12 09:12:20 UTC 2005

Op 12-apr-05 om 11:03 heeft Dries Buytaert het volgende geschreven:

> 1. From what I have seen, a taxonomy-based permission scheme is more 
> popular than one using node types.  If you aim to get this module 
> included in core, it is worth discussing the idea of using the 
> combination of roles and taxonomy terms, rather than the combination 
> of roles and node types.  We should aim to include the most popular 
> scheme in core.
But what would you prefer in that case? One module that does allow us 
to set permissions to taxonomy _and_ node-types? Isn't that to much for 
one module?

> 2. Using a tab is OK for now, but ideally this would be part of the 
> new node submission form.  The way I envision this, is to have a 
> JetboxOne-like "permissions"-area under the node body that I can 
> unfold/collapse.  This lets me set the permissions upon the initial 
> submission (cfr. menu_otf.module).  Ideally, we'd be tackle this node 
> submission form "dependency" while we are at it.  This makes for an 
> excellent use case.
The unfold/collapse method you mention does require CSS & javascript. 
(I can not think about any other way, of how to accomplish this 
behaviour otherwise) Do we allow javascript in core now?
For a long time, I thought we tried to use alternatives for that.. And 
to be honoust, I thought you were pretty much against using js inside 
But, maybe I am wrong?

Are there any screenshots of a new node submission form? Or 
mockups/examples/documentation? I'm willing to work on this, but would 
like to know the end goal..

> 3. Neil had some ideas on how to configure the default 
> workflow/behavior of nodes.  It might be a good idea to read up on 
> this too, or to discuss this some more.  Ideally, we'd tackle this 
> workflow "dependency" while we are at it.
Neil, can you come up with some mockup/writeup/examples?


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