[drupal-devel] Let's accept more interim solutions

Jose A. Reyero jareyero at wanadoo.es
Fri Apr 22 09:22:59 UTC 2005

I completely agree with Ber on this one.

And I think we should go for a smaller core and then some distributions 
with pre-packaged modules and specific patches. And we should start 
separating concepts like 'Drupal core' and 'standard distribution'.

Bèr Kessels wrote:

>A big -1 from me. Drupals core must be small, clean and most of all very 
>I beleive Drupal would benefit most from a linux alike idea: kernel and 
>distro;s. A kernel (drupal core) is very conservative, vey well maintained 
>and very strict in what it accepts. Its up to the distros to add modules, 
>themes and pre-configured databases and ship that as their distro. And off 
>course a distro could ship with patches applied to its particular core. For 
>example a DrupalI18N would be a nice distro.
>But to allow "interim" solutions? naah. I think it will bring down our overall 
>quality a lot. And it will make our porject a lot harder to maintain, since 
>our CVS will be in a constant status of no--really-working. Much more than 
> Bèr

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