[drupal-devel] node-associated image module--advice wanted

bryan kennedy digital at mysteryexperience.com
Tue Apr 26 02:38:48 UTC 2005

Was there any more discussion on this issue?  Are you working on 
something Nedjo?  I am very interested in something like this.  While I 
understand Ber's desire to make a full abstraction layer I guess I 
wanted to check what our main functionalities would be.  Personally I 
am most interested in this:
I want to be able to associate an image with taxonomy when I create 
that taxonomy at (www.example.com/admin/taxonomy/edit/term/# or 
www.example.com/admin/taxonomy/add/term/#).  Then I want to be able to 
access this image in my style's via the $terms array.

On top of that I want to be able to let child taxonomies of a term with 
an image cascade up and show that image.  And as always these should be 
wraped in links to the taxonomy lists.

I think this was the idea behind taxonomy_image (not updated to 4.6 
yet/ever?).  Could we lay out what other functionality we want to have 
in a node associated image?  I am going to working on hacking this 
functionality into my themes, but I would be glad to help get this 
working.  I am a little nubile in these areas so forgive me if I am 
repeating an ongoing conversation.


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