[drupal-devel] IRC Chat with MySQL Founder and MySQL developer team

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Tue Aug 23 04:07:08 UTC 2005

Hello, as a follow up to OSCON I have arranged a chat with the MySQL  
development team. I met and talked with one of the founders of MySQL,  
David Axmark.  I suggested that the Drupal community would like to  
learn how to better use MySQL as well as provide feedback to the  
developers so that they understand our requirements in the design of  

I would like to put performance as one of the top points of  
discussion.  David suggested a few topics as well: the optimizer, gui  
tools, PHP driver or the prepared statment support.  Depending on  
what we want to talk about he will have the right team members attend  
the chat.

Let's get a list of prioritized topics to discuss and then work on a  
mutual meeting time.


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