[drupal-devel] [Fwd: other CMS's?]

Negyesi Karoly karoly at negyesi.net
Wed Feb 2 14:06:47 UTC 2005

> I think after tinkering with the image and taxonomy
> module, grew impatient with the whole thing and has

Well, image module is replaced. (good job!)
Taxonomy is mega-powerful, now that is is called categories, maybe it will 
not alienate beginners. 

> And that got me to thinking, why I am using Drupal?

Because Drupal delivers. If I use it as a well thought-out library so that I 
do not need to write my database library, form items, user system etc. then 
it provides so. If I want to whip out a whole website in a day, then it 
happens so. It is fun to hack with and there is money, too.



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