[drupal-devel] Working around node_access in node/add

Mark mark at nullcraft.org
Wed Feb 16 05:25:32 UTC 2005

Mark wrote:

> Well, actually, it works for any node of a module with a name that 
> comes before "relativity" alphabetically.  It won't work for 
> story.module, for example.  Looking over menu.inc, it appears that the 
> later path items overwrite previous ones of the same path.  I suppose 
> I could rename this module "zzrelativity" to put it at the end? ;-)

Any suggestions on how to make this module override other modules' 
settings with menu.inc given the reverse-alphabetic priority?  I'm 
considering a feature request for menu.inc to allow modules to specify a 
'priority' attribute to resolve path conflicts.  Dynamic security 
modules would tend to want higher priority than regular modules.


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