[drupal-devel] New taxonomy_xml.module

Djun Kim puregin at puregin.org
Fri Feb 25 05:45:35 UTC 2005

Sheldon, this is a great idea - much needed!  I was
thinking along the same lines and you've beaten me
to it.  I hope that this will help to further
amplify the taxonomy system - one of Drupal's
significant strengths.

    The availability of this feature suggests some
kind of repository for contributed taxonomies.
Any ideas around this?

    Thanks again!


Quoting Sheldon Rampton <sheldon at prwatch.org>:

> I've just added my first project to Drupal contributions, titled
> "taxonomy_xml.module." Since this is my first time contributing (and
> I don't have a lot of experience with CVS), I'm not sure I did
> everything correctly. If I did anything wrong, I hope someone here
> can help me out so I can fix it.
> I *have* participated previously in contributing revisions to
> wmfilter.module, which was written originally by Aldon Hynes and
> subsequently reworked by both Aldon and myself. After some
> discussions, we've decided that it ought to be renamed to
> "interwiki.module." What's the procedure we should follow to
> deprecate "wmfilter" and replace it with "interwiki"?
> Regards,
> Sheldon Rampton

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