[drupal-devel] another taxonomy publishing module: cloud.module

Anselm Hook anselm at hook.org
Fri Feb 25 06:25:11 UTC 2005

Incidentally this has gotten me out of the woodwork on this one as well.

I've been working at CivicAction on a variety of odds and ends and one of
the first things I've done to learn php and drupal was to play with the
below taxonomy publishing module.  It actually is more aimed at publishing
taxonomies *and* content - but could be repurposed to publish only

Much impressed with Sheldon's work and hopefully useful bits can be rolled

Here is ours:


I don't feel it is 'shipworthy' yet because there are known defects (Aldon
Hynes pointed out a few) - in particular the content is not being tagged
right so it does not show up on the target site as 'published'.  But I
thought I'd push it out there on a 'release early release often'
philosophy...  or perhaps 'embarass myself into actually fixing the
defects philosophy'.

Perhaps the biggest defect is that it is a random grammer I invented.  I'd
really like to use RDF/SKOS.... then we could publish to other CMS'es...
assuming they also followed some standard.

I have to learn how to put it into CVS still as well...

 - a

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Djun Kim wrote:

> Sheldon, this is a great idea - much needed!  I was
> thinking along the same lines and you've beaten me
> to it.  I hope that this will help to further
> amplify the taxonomy system - one of Drupal's
> significant strengths.
>     The availability of this feature suggests some
> kind of repository for contributed taxonomies.
> Any ideas around this?
>     Thanks again!
>     Djun
> Quoting Sheldon Rampton <sheldon at prwatch.org>:
> > I've just added my first project to Drupal contributions, titled
> > "taxonomy_xml.module." Since this is my first time contributing (and
> > I don't have a lot of experience with CVS), I'm not sure I did
> > everything correctly. If I did anything wrong, I hope someone here
> > can help me out so I can fix it.
> >
> > I *have* participated previously in contributing revisions to
> > wmfilter.module, which was written originally by Aldon Hynes and
> > subsequently reworked by both Aldon and myself. After some
> > discussions, we've decided that it ought to be renamed to
> > "interwiki.module." What's the procedure we should follow to
> > deprecate "wmfilter" and replace it with "interwiki"?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Sheldon Rampton
> >
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