[drupal-devel] CCK Nomenclature

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sun Feb 27 11:58:21 UTC 2005

>> Suppose node.module handles all of the content types defined by node 
>> modules as today, and a new module is added that handles the 
>> administrator-defined content types. What should that module be called?
>> cck.module
>> field.module
>> type.module
>> nodetype.module
>> contenttype.module
> I like the name 'content.module' or 'content-builder.module'..

Note that it is not possible to have a dash in a module name, since the 
module name should be included in the function names, and PHP does not 
allow for a dash to be in the function name. This is why quite a few 
modules use underscore.


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