[drupal-devel] ShortStat for Drupal

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Wed Jan 19 01:28:12 UTC 2005

Chris Messina wrote:
> Wow, I didn't realize that we don't do browser detection (I haven't
> done much with watchdog yet). That kind of information is key in
> designing your site... Why spend time working on IE5/Mac bugs when
> less than 0.2% of your users use it? How else would you know that
> unless you track that info?!
> Anyway, Dries is in charge of this, is he not? How can we see some
> action on this?
> Chris

We don't do browser detection because

1: noone has contributed code to do so. This can be done outside of core 
if anyone cares to work on it.
2: there are many statistics packages which already give you this info. 
INO, Drupal should focus on providing Drupal specific stats not generic 
ones (e.g. number of forum reads by authenticated users vs. anon users).

Dries mostly watches to make sure the code which gets into core is of high 
quality. He doesn't dictate what people work on.

The fact is, noone is in charge. And it works.

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