[drupal-devel] Introduction and Questions

Boris Mann borismann at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 04:25:12 UTC 2005

Welcome, Mike.

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 20:03:14 -0000, Michael Jervis <mike at fuckingbrit.com> wrote:
> My next project on my personal hit list is to support blogger accounts.
> Question: should this go in blogapi.module? I don't really think it
> should,
> but it did occur to me that perhaps it might.

Nope, this is an authentication module. Should be called "bloggerauth"
or something like that, I think.
> Once I'm done themeing and migrating, I want to look at the aggregator

> You can snag the libraries here:
> http://www.fuckingbrit.com/downloads/syndication.tgz

This is tied to some long standing issues. Basically, need to both add
read/write support for multiple formats, preferably in a

Lack of libraries hasn't been the issue, but rather lack of bandwidth
to go through all the related items. Neil Drumm is probably the person
that's actually done the most on this so far (I just bitch and tell
other people how things should be architected, when I'm not

Boris Mann

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