[drupal-devel] Image extension - Images made easy

Jose A. Reyero jareyero at wanadoo.es
Sat Jul 16 14:41:28 UTC 2005


I like the existing image modules: image, img_assist, image_filter, but 
usually  I just need a *simple* way to add images to stories or blogs, 
and this modules, while powerful, are not that easy for new users.

This is a very small and simple module that extends image.module to 
allow images for any node type -similar to the old image_attach. It uses 
the excellent api provided by the image.module, thus it only needs a few 
lines of code.

I was planning to build on it providing some additional formatting 
options, but maybe all this would be more interesting as a patch to the 
existing image module than as a new module. For the moment, it's only in 
my sandbox -For 4.6.2

What do you think?. - Walkah?



Jose A. Reyero

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