[drupal-devel] more core comitters

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri Jul 29 09:14:13 UTC 2005


Op vrijdag 29 juli 2005 08:27, schreef Dries Buytaert:
> I said this before and I'll say it again: the problem is not the  
> committing but the reviewing.  

Dries. I sincerely hope you do not take this as personal critique. It was 
never meant that way! I think none of us commented here, because he or she 
thinks you are not doing a good job! I wanted to have this said first and for 
all. Same goes for Steven, who is also doing a great job!

> If people would spend more time   
> reviewing patches in a critical fashion, rather than semi-blindly  
> adding a '+1' without testing, that would come a long way.  I tend to  
> ignore +1's unless I sense that the commenter put time and effort in  
> evaluating a patch.  

One of the main reasons for bringing this up, was that (from my mail stats) I 
saw an 29% increase of core patches (patch mails sent to the ML) after 
drupal.org came back up again. I checked these figures, for I had a feeling 
that we attracted more developers over that crash! :) #drupal has been busier 
with new faces then ever. 

> Furthermore, as Robert points out, adding more  
> committers is not going to make things easier -- it creates  
> conflicts.  

I don't want to sound nitpicky. But we used to have three. Kjartan is not (as) 
active anymore, so part of me bringing this up was to get back to three core 
comitters, like in the old days. 
But also, as mentioned above. We are growing. And in a growing system 
sometimes we need changes. what those changes are should be discussed here, 

> I'm perfectly happy with the way things are and do not  
> intend to add another core committer at this point.  (That is not to  
> say that Moshe and Gerhard aren't doing a great job.  They'd be in my  
> top 5.)  Also, we're going to grow the server administration team so  
> that should/could free up some of my time.  

Yes. that was another reason why i wanted to bring this up. Again: no offence 
meant at all. But things like this can (and thus will!) happen again. Things 
that might put you and /or Steven on other issues for a while. I think the 
fact that the patch queue grew so rapidly when an emergency took place, 
indicates that we are undermanned. 

> Last but not least, I'll  
> work my way through the patch queue once I'm back.  With the server  
> going down and the fundraise, the past weeks have been exceptionally  
> busy -- especially behind the scenes.

I am confident that assigning these tasks, and maybe some moreother tasks in 
near future too, to others will have the same effect as more core 
contributers, though! 

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