[drupal-devel] CivicGroups preview

Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Mon Mar 7 00:14:17 UTC 2005

>Good work! Great step forwards.
>But still, relying on external apps s#cks. I think for a huge amount of ppl 
>and orgs with small mailinglists, we should really have an allDrupal ML/List 
agreed - CS is using PHPList - but quite honestly - from looking at the 
traffic - it seems like it is not "there yet".

>However, I see four scenarios:
>* Large lists
>* Small lists
>* Large mailings
>* Small mailings. 
agreed - but don't you want to also matrix in the number of subscribers?

>From my experience small organisations (is that not CS-es primary target?) 
>have lists with <20 mails/week: small lists.
yes. agreed - however I can see plenty of uses where CivicGroups might 
be used by many folks for a small number of subscribers, but a fairly 
large number of emails - say 100-200 wk.

>Small lists should be handled completely by Drupal without any third party 
>apps like EZMLM. 
yes - there should be a "low-end" drupal solution - I wonder if we 
couldn't use/modify Notify

>Cron, subscriptions, mail->forum, and a forum->mail system would suffice.
>Large lists need external systems to handle this. Thsy would need:
>Cron, subscriptions, mailingsystem->forum, forum->mailingsystem.
>Large mailings (newsletters, spam ;)) would need:
>subscriptions, node->mailingsystem.
>Small mailingsystems only need:
>cron, subscriptions, node->mail. 

>So this all boils down to a single set of modules in Drupal:
>mail2node.module (not mailhandler, that is too complex, IMO)
hmmm... if the code for mailhandler works - why not use it?  I assume 
that you mean that the admin UI for mailhandler is too complex?

>node2mail.module (similar to-, or inside subscriptions?)
>With the first four modules you can handle small scaled mailing lists and 
>newsletters. With the lower ones you can use external apps to take care of 
>Just my 2cts ;) 
I agree with the intent behind the approach.  One drawback I see now is 
that you have to have mailhandler, listhandler and forummail all 
configured (not to mention ezmlm).  To make this easy for the site admin 
it would be great to have a one-stop shop.  It almost seems like it 
would be nice to have a wrapper around these modules.  I'll be working 
on rev 2 later this week - so hopefully some of this will start to seep in.


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