[drupal-devel] propstar.module is no longer?

Brady Jarvis grohk at code0range.net
Thu Mar 24 15:27:46 UTC 2005

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Morbus Iff wrote:
| So, the propstar.module is used to allow users to rate nodes, and track
| "My Ratings" and blah blah blah. You can find a number of posts on it on
| the Drupal site. It appears, however, that Mabster, the guy who made it,
| has now switched away from Drupal, redone his site, and obliterated all
| mention, or code, of it.
|  * He never contributed it to Drupal/CVS, so it's not GPL.
|  * Does anyone have an installed version of it to send to me? Or a zip?
|  * I'll probably end up rewriting it and throwing it into the CVS.
|  * Whatever happened with http://factorycity.net/demos/drupal/rating/?

I had spoken with Mabster several times and I mentioned the license to
him once and he seemed fine with the idea of making it GPL.  I have
uploaded the version I had, which may not be the most recent version to:


However, I would like to ask you if you are interested in extending the
Node Moderation module.  Propstar had some limitations that prompted the
creation of that module from my side, and I would like to discuss the
possibility of making it a more flexible alternative.

P.S. I like your folksonomy_shared module...very slick.

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