[drupal-devel] phptemplate in core?

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Mon May 2 00:53:48 UTC 2005


I think this is a qreat idea as I do feel that phptemplate is becoming the
most popular theme engine.

The primary and secondary menus are I think an issue in all theme engine,
not just the phptemplate one which is pretty bad. One thing that I have done
with my web site is that I am using the menu.module to control my primary
menu and it works great. My theme is a derived marvin2k theme that I made
changes to. At the moment I am working on using phplayersmenu to give me
drop down menus, so I can take advantage of the tree structure of the menu
module. I do not have any submenus yet, but once I have my theme for
phplayersmenu working I will have and it will all be controlled with the
same tools that is used for the navigation menu.

As I said I am using the phplayersmenu by re-theming the menu theme. But I
did have this all working with with the marvin2k them and the standard menu
themes, when I was doing my proof of concept.

As for themes I have already converted the bluemarine theme to phptemplate
and I am taken a lot of effort to make this mimic the xtemplate theme as
closely as possible. As I have said before I actually did this so that I
could create a document on how to do this conversion. See
http://www.heydon.com.au/?q=node/636 for the instructions on how to do this.

This is a great idea. I give it a big +1


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Adrian et al,

here is what I'd like to see happen: get PHPTemplate in core.  We'd 
need to:

1. remove Xtemplate from core.
2. remove the Bluemarine theme from core (Xtemplate based).
3. remove the Pushbutton theme from core (Xtemplate based).
4. add PHPTemplate to core.
5. add a PHPTemplate-based theme to core.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are easy.  Steps 4 and 5 need to be discussed.

- What needs to be done to get PHPTemplate in core?  From what I can 
tell, PHPTemplate's engine-specific settings (eg. the primary and 
secondary links) need some work.

- What PHPTemplate-based theme should we ship with core?  Should we 
port either Bluemarine or Pushbutton to PHPTemplate or should we go 
with fresh themes?  My requirements for such theme would be:
   1. The theme must validate as XHTML.
   2. The theme's CSS classes/IDs must comply Drupal's naming 
   3. The theme should work on all browsers without hacks.
   4. The theme should be simple and easy to customize.  No themes with 
a bazillion of small images that no one will ever change.

Dries Buytaert  ::  http://www.buytaert.net/


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