[development] replace drupal.js with prototype.js?

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 07:36:34 UTC 2005


+1 on this; I really like programming with the prototype library.

Konstantin Käfer

2005/11/15, Nedjo Rogers <nedjo at islandnet.com>:
> I really like the approaches implemented in drupal.js.
> But I've been wondering--would we do better to use the now widely supported,
> and excellently designed, Prototype library (http://prototype.conio.net/ --
> see documentation e.g. at
> http://www.sergiopereira.com/articles/prototype.js.html) instead?
> The advantages would be that we'd be using a well supported open source
> library, rather than our own (nice, but not used elsewhere) solution.  Doing
> so would allow Drupal developers to use the ever-expanding range of
> Prototype-based libraries, including:
> moofx http://moofx.mad4milk.net/
> behaviour http://bennolan.com/behaviour/
> scriptaculous http://script.aculo.us
> We'd still need some custom drupal methods, but we could reduce them to a
> minimum.
> We could also draw on other open source CMS etc. softwares using Prototype,
> e.g, Ruby on Rails.
> Doing so would require some refactoring of our existing javascript
> (autoexpand, etc.), but really not so much.  And we'd be able to take
> advantage of some great features and methods in Prototype and its related
> libraries.
> Prototype and its relatives are "MIT style" licensed, presumably GPL
> compatible,
> http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/license-list.html#GPLCompatibleLicenses.
> Thoughts?


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