[development] Drupal 4.7.0 update

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Tue Nov 15 17:09:31 UTC 2005

Dries Buytaert wrote:

> - I opened up the use of the DRUPAL-4-7 tag for contributed projects 
> (not for core). Thus, if you maintain a 

Yay! That solves issue I have with volunteer and massmailer.

> module, theme or translation, you can create a DRUPAL-4-7 branch. 
> Because Drupal HEAD and Drupal 4.7 are still one and the same, it's 
> probably premature to branch your project (unless you want to rewrite 
> your project for Drupal 4.8.0). Also, the DRUPAL-4-7 tarballs won't be 
> packaged for another week or so.
> - I haven't released a Drupal 4.7 release candidate yet because I feel 
> we're still dealing with too many (critical) bugfixes. We need a base 
> level of stability and confidence before we can roll out a release 
> candidate. Nonetheless, Drupal HEAD is getting more and more stable 
> every day so keep reporting and fixing those bugs. It is the one path 
> to a Drupal 4.7.0 release (candidate). I think we might be able to 
> roll a release candidate as soon as next week.

Sounds good.

> - As of tomorrow, I'm not likely to make any more API or database 
> changes, unless deemed important. (I might make an exception for some 
> of the pending patches/work but I'm not likely to consider _new_ 
> patches that add _new_ functionality.) I'll be more strict, and that 
> implies that some patches will not make it into Drupal 4.7.0.

Can you maybe make a list of patches/issues (for features) that still do 
have a chance if somebody works on them?

> - In good tradition, I plan to upgrade Drupal.org to the release 
> candidate as soon as possible. I'm currently waiting for the 
> simplenews.module to be "forms API"-ified, and I have yet to port some 
> drupal.org specific modules/pages (eg. the one that generates 
> http://drupal.org/mailing-lists/).

Make a list and hope for help. ;)

> Chances are that the cvslog.module needs more work as well -- haven't 
> checked.

I had started the update and Jake G finished it yesterday.

> As soon we can upgrade, we'll be able to roll out the improved search 
> module. All in all, it's probably going to take another 2-3 weeks 
> though before we can attempt to upgrade drupal.org.

Let's see. ;)


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