[development] subversion

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Wed Nov 16 08:24:43 UTC 2005

> And *nobody* (correct for rounding) is going to *touch* it if we're
> not using cvs or svn.  Why on earth would I want to learn to use
> a different tool for each project I'm involved with?

To quote James Blackwell from bzr:

If that argument were true, everyone would be running windows xp, there  
would be no macs, and every webserver would be apache. :)  and we'd all  
_still_ be running sendmail. =) CVS has been around for roughly forever,  
but it too displaced something else -- cssc and sccs. SVN has prided  
itself on retaining CVS's feel with the addition of a couple features.  
Which is fine, but would you really want to deal with something trying to  
be like CVS for the rest of your life?

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