[development] Node referencing

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Sat Nov 19 13:01:52 UTC 2005

  > As others have mentioned, there are many modules out there that manage
> node-to-node relationships.  One thing that was a problem the last time 
> I looked was how to go about restricting access to node/add/[type that 
> requires parent]/[nid of parent] without other things breaking.  
> Previous discussions led me to override the menu settings to disallow 
> access to this path, but since the menu system does not prioritize it's 
> entries, you may find that your modification of the menu permissions 
> doesn't always work.  The result is that the node/add page shows links 
> to add content that is not allowed to exist without a parent. The Node 
> Relativity module (http://drupal.org/node/17004) essentially does what 
> you're looking for, but hasn't been updated in a while.  It is big and 
> needs some refactoring and is probably a heavier solution than you're 
> looking for, though.

what about simply removing the node/add page using menus module? that page 
is often worthless anyway (as is the whole navigation block IMO).


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