[drupal-devel] what do you call a rose?

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Sat Oct 1 12:25:22 UTC 2005

On Saturday 01 October 2005 13:21, Steve Dondley wrote:
> But what is true for you is not true for others.  I work with many
> clients who are on a very restricted budget.  They can't afford to pay
> someone to translate technical jargon into more understandable terms.
This is where preconfigured installs like CS or on Btyght come to play.
But more important: If someone has no budget, she will have administer Drupal 
herself, and thus will need to know technical things.

If I cannot afford an engineer to fix and maintain my car, I will need to 
learn how the engine works. 

> Also, there are many, many places within Drupal where help files and
> terminology commonly used by end-users ("weight" is a good example),
> is unnecessarily hard to grasp.

True. But renaming 'weight' to 'ordering' will not help. The concept we have 
currently is 1) hard to grok, and 2) very hard to get right in an UI. Above 
all this -again- is an interface problem. 


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