[drupal-devel] RFC: Forms API Reference Draft

Angie Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Tue Oct 18 03:44:33 UTC 2005

Hopefully it is OK to cross-post between these two groups. :\ This is about 
documentation, but it's written for developers and I really need their input.

I have created a forms API progammer's reference which is available in my sandbox:


This contains 3 things:
1. A table of all elements and properties, which shows which can be used in each.
2. An elements reference containing all of the possible 'types' that form 
elements can be set to, along with their allowed attributes.
3. A properties reference containing a list of all the properties that I could 
find from grepping the source, along with their descriptions and to which form 
elements they belong.

Each element/property is accompanied by a usage example to illustrate how it is 
used (randomly selected from various core modules), and I've also 
cross-referenced between elements and properties so you can quickly jump around 
to the information you need. "Required" elements properties are in bold on each 
form element (some not strictly required, but there would have to be a good 
reason to avoid them).

If you guys could have a look and throw me your 2 cents on this document overall 
that would be awesome. Stuff in green is stuff that "should" be done and 
complete. Things marked in yellow are things I wasn't sure about. If you can 
shed light here, tell me where I've missed things, or say, "Yep, that's right" 
then I would really appreciate it. Once it is in a more completed state, I will 
move it to contributions/docs/developer/topics so it will be listed in 


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