[drupal-devel] A collection of usability problems

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Fri Sep 23 17:45:46 UTC 2005


On Friday 23 September 2005 15:07, Richard Archer wrote:
> * Easy for the site owner to maintain the site
> * Search Engine Friendly URLs (URL rewriting)
> * Placement of images on the page with nice formatting
> * Site navigation is automatically updated as new content is added
> * Some sort of wysiwyg formatter, ideally cut/paste from Word
> * Contact form to email and database
> * Allow file downloads from pages (e.g. catalog.pdf)
> * Automatic syndication (RSS) for news items only
> * Bread crumbs with the option to hide them.
> * Minimal additional features (to keep it simple)
> * Additional modules which can be enabled if needed

This is what I needed often, too. 
But this really is merely ONE of the areas Drupal could be deployed. 
My (now on hold) project called DrupalCOM was meant for exactly (yes EXACTLY) 
these 11 items. Well, not really, I had 12: 
* allow english and dutch on one site. (ie super easy i18n)

So, please let us not forget that this is just one possible area for Drupal. 
That this should ideally be dealt with in a distro, not in core drupal. 
Unless we move from the all-purpose Drupal to a CorporateCMS!


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