[drupal-devel] A collection of usability problems

Todd Grimason todd at slack.net
Fri Sep 23 18:36:48 UTC 2005

* B?r Kessels [2005-09-23 13:52]:
> So, please let us not forget that this is just one possible area for Drupal. 
> That this should ideally be dealt with in a distro, not in core drupal. 
> Unless we move from the all-purpose Drupal to a CorporateCMS!

I'm actually feeling a bit uncomfortable as of late because of this, the
"all-things-to-everybody" approach. I suppose such projects do cater to
certain niches, but more commonly targeted applications seem to do a
much better job, with their (if done well) vastly reduced complexity.

As the codebase is constantly (pretty significantly) changing all over,
it feels like I'm walking on a layer of marbles or something -- so many
pieces, so many interconnections, and yes so many possibilities, but all
at the cost of complexity. 

What to do? I wish I knew. Maybe it's just me. In my dreams a severe
refactoring, almost to the point of new branch seems perhaps
appropriate, but yeah I know all about the perils of such endeavors and
the value of working code *now* vs. theoretical future improvements.

I guess other than griping I'd +1 on Ber's suggestion to think long and
hard about lots of this rather than adding in a million little ingenious
clever solutions to get the incremental improvements on the way to some


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