[drupal-devel] two minor usability issues, introduced recently

Richard Archer drupal.org at juggernaut.com.au
Sun Sep 25 10:53:38 UTC 2005

At 12:32 PM +0200 25/9/05, Bèr Kessels wrote:

>Case: node aggregator has some settings for this: how many feed entries to
>show etc. Now the current thing would enforce me to make a second page for
>RSS settings. Users should not have to visit two pages in different places to
>set their RSS settings.

This is perhaps a terminology issue and one that has confused the
heck out of me. On several occasions while I've been learning Drupal
I have enabled the aggregator module in order to activate an RSS feed
of MY news. When what I really needed to do was turn on the RSS block.

A visible "RSS Settings" admin option would have helped. Except it
would need to be called "Syndicate" because that's what the block
is called :)

> Users should definately not have to think about the
>diff. between modules and core, and then find out where modules
>have settins and where core has its settings.

Out of interest, why is it that module settings show up under the
Settings admin menu option and not in a pane within the module's
own menu option?

For example... using HEAD, I go to administer >> contact form.
Up near the top of the window I see:

[list] [add category]

Why isn't there a [settings] option up there. I'm already in the
section of the site for adminstering the contact form.
Why can't I alter the settings from there?

Or is this the "scattered settings" mis-feature you're talking about?
It happens with a few different modules (aggregator is another).


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