[development] Re: [CS dev] Preview - Node Visibility by Multisite and CSS Hover Pop-out Menus

Sohodojo Jim salmons at sohodojo.com
Sun Apr 2 21:49:19 UTC 2006

Gary and Dave,

	Thanks for the experience reports!

	Nedjo brought my attention to the Nice Menus module which is indeed nice. 
Nice Menus, however, is a "Javascript for everybody on every page" solution.

	The csshover.htc script approach is _only_ Javascript for MSIE as a 
work-around for its lack of full CSS compatibility. For most modern browsers 
these menus are pure CSS, no scripting. So they work even if someone has 
Javascript disabled. The csshover.htc file is conditionally loaded within 
the template header only for MSIE clients.

	The intent here is to be very lightweight as an admin- and user-selectable 
UI feature within the CivicSpace and/or PHPTemplate engine. A simple 
"Pop-out menus on/off" link, like the "Change text size" block that the 
fontsize module provides, is all that would be needed to turn this UI 
feature on and off at will.

	For those wanting more info on Peterned's csshover menus, see:


	Thanks again, Gary and Dave, for the feedback.

	--Sohodojo Jim--

Gary wrote:
> "Sohodojo Jim" wrote:
>> Questions and suggestions welcome on- or off-list. I am especially interested
>> in Mac and Linux reports of the CSS Hover pop-out menu behavior as I only have
>> Windows with Firefox, Opera, and MSIE browsers for testing.
>>    http://jeffcociviccenter.org/
>>    http://theencoreplayers.com/
> Jim, here's a Macintosh report for you (and for others who may wish to use
> the csshover.htc script tools for Drupal/CS).
> Tested both URLs for left-side fly-out menu display and click-ability.
> Works as expected in:
>     FireFox 1.5
>     Sea Monkey 1.0
>     Safari 1.3.2
>     Camino 1.0
> Failed for:
>     Internet Explorer 5.2.3  [ LOL! ]
>     The menu does not load, but the 'box' of its space is properly
> allocated, so the page layout is not affected. The left side area where the
> menu should appear is simply solid white.
> I'd say things pass with flying colors, from the Mac view.  IE is not an
> issue, of course.  It's dead in the water and has been.  It's the least-used
> browser on the least-used OS platform (so sad ;), so I think you're okay to
> ignore this test as a failure.
> HTH,
> --
> Gary

dave_lange wrote:
 > works as expected on linux in Firefox
 > Konqueror 3.5.1

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