[development] Some issues and their fixes with Drupal 4.6.6 and PostgreSQL

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Thu Apr 20 16:29:55 UTC 2006

Gary (Lists) wrote:
> "Gerhard Killesreiter" wrote:
>> I sincerely hope that people finally get this message.
> One more thing, Mr. Drupal, before I unsub here (at your request)...

I'll gladly help along, should you not find the right button.

> I think the message that you are communicating here is quite counter to any
> spirit of community, which is what you claim that you hope to foster (a
> community of open-source contributors.)

It is?

> You obviously are a young guy (I'm not, so much) and that's fine.  But, in

I wish I were.

> the actual real world, in order to encourage contribution, there is a
> requirement that you create the conditions for contribution.  Those
> conditions include the possibility of dissent.

You can dissent all day and I still won't care. What I care about is 
making unreasonable demands such as me  or the Drupal developers being 
responsible for the happiness of your clients or yourself.

> So far, as I've been subscribed to these lists for only a short time, what

Timespans are very relative...

> I've seen is a group of folks who believe they "are" Drupal.  (And, of
> course, a confused guy -- me -- who doesn't understand how things like
> Documentation got left by the wayside.)

These people are usually called developers. Hence the address and byline 
of this list. People concerned with the documentation are found on the 
documentation list.

Maybe you want to subscribe and insult them a bit by repeating above 

> To my ears, your reply is indicative of youth, fear and self-doubt.

That's a good one. Really. I am not young anymore, ok, I don't like 
horror movies, but I don't know what self-doubt is.

> We have made no money from Drupal. In fact, quite the opposite.  The
> possibility that we spotted has turned into a morass of lost time, wasted
> effort and rude-boy politics.  That's our fault, not yours.

If you have clients and don't make money from them, then it really is 
your fault.

> It takes time to find, fix and prepare a distributed patch. It's pretty easy

Don't tell _me_.

> to hack away and get something working, but that's not a patch.  That takes
> a little more time. [1]
> I doubt very seriously that your attitude is inspiring to anyone.

Well, frankly, I don't know. But I am very sure that anybody who has 
contributed to a free software project does hate your attitude with a 

> The mixed message is this:
>     "Contribute and then shut up."
> That's a hard sell.

Anybody who read my mail like this is welcome to read it again. The 
message is more like "contribute or stfu". At least that was the 
intended message.

> But hey, it's your game.

And I am even good at it.

> --
> Gary
> [1] And from the plethora of submitted patches marked 'Fixed' or
> 'Committed', when they actually are not fixed or committed, it's no wonder
> why folks don't take the time to prepare something that is publicly
> distributable -- why bother is the message.

I dare you to provide proof of the existence of any such patches in 
Drupal core. Contrib modules are the responsibility of the individual 

> One only has to take a stroll through the Drupal website to read the level
> of general frustration.  Yet, it's easy to dismiss that as "well, they don't
> write code, so screw them."  The problem with that is you build a cumulative
> tide of discontent.

And even if that were true (I consider it at least an unfair 
interpretation) why should I care?

> A tide that I see you are surfing with glee.

My main reason to develop Drupal is still that it is an interesting 
thing to do. It enables people to do very interesting stuff. I don't ask 
these people to appreciate my work, but if they are set to disturb my 
productive process by sending false claims to this list, they'll need to 
face the heat or get out of the kitchen.


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