[development] Some issues and their fixes with Drupal 4.6.6 and PostgreSQL

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Thu Apr 20 16:45:20 UTC 2006

I dont want to get into this that much, but I can not stay in the  
background see this threat grow into an this-makes-no-sense threat.

Op 20-apr-2006, om 17:01 heeft Gary (Lists) het volgende geschreven:

> So far, as I've been subscribed to these lists for only a short  
> time, what
> I've seen is a group of folks who believe they "are" Drupal.  (And, of
> course, a confused guy -- me -- who doesn't understand how things like
> Documentation got left by the wayside.)
If you are subscribed for such a short while, I advise you todo some  
investigation who your talking to before insulting people. Gerhard is  
a longtime drupal contributor and - I think the community agrees with  
me that - he is one of the most active and pasionated elites of the  
drupal community. In his time he developed *lots* of good things for  
drupal-core and drupal-contrib, which are from a very high standard  
when we look at code and usefullness.

I dare to say that he has the right to say to you, what he did. He  
proved his knowledge of code, and how things *should* work in a  

And yes, blaiming people that drupal isn't what they are after nor  
spreading negative feelings around for the way we choose to review  
and apply certain patches to core yes or no isn't something you  
should do when your around for such a short time.

I advise you to think about this threat and decide if you are a  
community person yourself. We do things in a certain way, if you or  
me like it or not, that's the way the cookie crumbles here. In the  
past it proofed to be not a bad way, and unless you propose/introduce  
better ways of doing things you'll have to respect it. If you like  
it, or not.

Now please, stop this threat by insulting people. This is a  
development list, and nothing else. Believe it or not people are  
unsubscribing for getting crap like this in their mailboxes,  
including me.

We should discuss new features and discovered bugs here. Insulting  
people goes far better in a private mail then doing it on a public  
published mailinglist..

So, please stop and make up your thoughts..

Your sincerely,

Stefan Nagtegaal.

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