[development] Patching settings.php

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Fri Aug 4 01:09:52 UTC 2006

Jeff Eaton wrote:
> One of the problems is that right now, it's painfully difficult to
> install a multisite. Because we overwrite settings.php, BUT we require a
> pristine copy for the installer to work correctly, AND we no longer
> include sql files for manual installation, it's no longer possible to
> simply copy sites/default and go. You have to copy it, delete
> settings.php, download a new copy from drupal.org, copy IT over, THEN
> run the installer on your new domain.

I've been making the new directory and setting up the settings.php in a
new directory. Then, I go to install.php and it does the install
(without asking anything) and says its done.

Completely undocumented, but it works somehow.

I don't trust the installer with any permissions on sites/... since it
wrote .../default/settings.php when I first tried it and that managed to
make it into a commit.

Neil Drumm

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