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Konstantin Käfer mail at kkaefer.com
Sat Aug 5 08:22:24 UTC 2006

You are right, URNs suit this problem a lot better than URI-style strings.

For all of you who want to test that: If you have iTunes installed, type
"itms:" into your browser's adress bar and hit return.

2006/8/5, Morbus Iff <morbus at disobey.com>:
> >> I prefer the idea of internal:// over Drupal.
> >>
> >> +1 from me also, for reasons others have already stated well.
> >
> > In fact, I have a feeling that we should put an effort behind foo://
> patterns
> > as defacto standard for Drupal over [foo:] patterns.
> Actually, for what it's worth, we should NOT use internal:// or *any*
> foo:// patterns. Doing so, even internally, is a creation of what
> appears to be a new protocol, even though it's actually not. We should
> instead create a new URN, such as internal:node/4. Apple, in the past
> two years or so, I think, got flamed for using webcal:// for it's iCal
> application, where webcal was merely a file format, and not a protocol.
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