[development] Administration page patch committed

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at iStyledThis.nl
Sat Aug 5 08:52:18 UTC 2006

Op 5-aug-2006, om 8:58 heeft Bèr Kessels het volgende geschreven:
> Op vrijdag 4 augustus 2006 20:56, schreef Farsheed:
>> What about using the old CivicSpace administration
>> theme as a starting point?  It would need to be
>> cleaned up a bit, but it had minimal headers, few
>> blocks and Chris had a good admin color schema going.
> This is what I tried once. But it is far to hard-tied into the CS  
> bundle. IT
> is far more work to extract the relevant parts then to write one from
> scratch.
> Plan: During the OSCON I want to host a themeing workshop. We could  
> build this
> around such an admin theme? So that the end of he workshop brings  
> us a first
> admin theme?

I'm probably jumping in a bit late into the discussion, but am I  
understanding we want a separate admin-theme for drupal?
Why? One or two years back Adrian and I were convinced that merging  
the administration into the normal layout of the site, was the way to  


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