[development] Nodes content within nodes solution developement?

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Sun Aug 13 11:23:40 UTC 2006

I've done something similar that essentially redirects all comments to a
non-forum node to an assigned forum node. Yes, it's a matter of
hook_nodeapi, a table to keep track of associations, and hook_link. Post
count (e.g. 1 comment, 2 comments) is already handled by the
comment.moduleonce you know the associated forum topic nid.

I can send you code snippets if this description is not enough.

On 12/08/06, Jeff Eaton <jeff at viapositiva.net> wrote:

>  A site I've been working on has almost *exactly* the same requirement.
> It's still in development, so the code doesn't exist yet (urgh), but our
> conclusion was:
> Use nodeapi's insert $op to intercept new blog posts. When they're saved,
> programmatically create a forum post with the blog post's teaser and a link
> pointing to the 'full' blog entry. In nodapi's 'view' $op, add a link at the
> bottom of the blog post to 'discuss this post' that points to the forum
> topic in question. It would work best when blog posts have comments
> disabled; that way there's only one place to discuss a given blog post. The
> end result is that blog posts point to the forum for discussion. It would
> probably work best if there was a dedicated forum category for those types
> of posts.
> I'm not sure if that's helpful, but it's the flow we came up with. There's
> some sample code for programmatically creating forum nodes in the 'devel'
> module's generate-content.php script. It handles the proper linking of
> taxonomies and updating of post counts, etc.
> --Jeff
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> developement?
> That type of solution is a bit too complicated to set up and administrate.
> What we are looking at is a integration of two types of community user.
> The blogger and the forum user. A blogger consistently writes on topics but
> may not do so in a way that it sparks a forum. They may be just blah
> blahing. But sometimes they may blog on a topic that fits in with a Forum
> category. In this case we would like the user to be able to take a blog and
> insert it inline into the first post. This is so that comments and replies
> land in the right venue. Also the blogger or site administrator does not
> have moderate blog comments and replies this is left up to the moderators of
> the Forum.
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