[development] Import / Export API ready for beta testing

Jeremy Epstein jazepstein at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 17:36:56 UTC 2006

Hi all,

My Summer of Code project, the Drupal Import / Export API, has finally
reached what I would consider to be 'beta quality'. The module
currently supports import and export of all entities in Drupal core
(e.g. users, nodes, comments, terms/vocabs), as well as CCK nodes /
fields / node types. All supported entities can be imported or
exported in XML or CSV format.

The Summer of Code officially finishes next Monday (21st Aug). I would
appreciate it very much if anyone who has the time (and the
curiosity!) could help out with testing my work. The module is
compatible with Drupal 4.7 stable (although it has no 4.7 branch, only
a HEAD branch), and it can be downloaded here:


How to install and test it:
1. Extract and copy the package into your site's '/modules' dir.
2. Enable both the 'importexportapi' and the 'importexportui' modules
at 'admin/modules'.
3. Perform exports at 'admin/export'. Currently, exported data is
simply outputted in a themed page.
4. Perform imports at 'admin/import'. Files for importing can be found
(and played around with) in the '/testdata' dir of the package, and
all valid files in this dir are listed for import in the UI. Needless
to say, imports should be conducted in a test environment ONLY - there
are bound to still be bugs, so don't do this on a production site.

Docs, notes, etc. can be found on the wiki:

Discussion can be found on the group:

Please submit all bugs to the issue queue:

Many thanks,

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