[development] Facebook Login Module (checking interest)

Arnab Nandi arnab at arnab.org
Tue Aug 15 20:52:46 UTC 2006

Facebook uses a token-based authentication similar in spirit to
Flickr, Upcoming.org, OpenID, etc. It would be a nice idea to think of
token-based auth as a generic module, with each endpoint being a
specialized provider.

* Open ID module: http://drupal.org/project/openid
* Implement a token based authentication system : http://drupal.org/node/60514
* Adding token based web service authentication to core :

As for the other things that i think are useful, there's the friends
feature which could find it's way into the buddylist module.


On 8/15/06, Corey Bordelon <corey.bordelon at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think I'm a day late, but I just noticed that Facebook now has an API
> available.  I am wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing a Drupal
> module using the API to (at least) allow a user to login into a site using
> their Facebook ID. *
> I'm sure other interesting things can come of it once the basics are done,
> but I want to start simple.
> So what do you think?  Good Idea or just one more usless module?  Any
> feedback is appreciated.
> -- Corey Bordelon
> * Note: even though I am proposing this, it doesn't mean that I will be able
> to write said module in a timely manner.


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