[development] cvs update -dPf -r DRUPAL-4-7

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Mon Aug 21 18:43:10 UTC 2006

On Aug 21, 2006, at 11:09 AM, Dave Cohen wrote:

> Well I'm not using it so happily anymore.
> Now, a consequence of using the CVS command above is that you update
> modules/user.module, but you also get a copy of modules/user/ 
> user.module.
> Because to CVS, its a new file that you asked for when specifying - 
> f and -d.

yup, mea culpa.  there's a solution to this problem, which my  
cvs_rename.pl script should have done, but i didn't realize this was  
going to be an issue. ;)  it's also problematic if you checkout using  
a date from before the move (-D).  it's on my plate to fix this, but  
unfortunately, i'm going out of town in a few hours, and won't be  
back until sunday night.

however, once i'm back, i promise i'll clean up all of these sorts of  

sorry for the hassle,

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