[development] NNTP and Adservers ??

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Aug 30 15:23:18 UTC 2006

> NNTP/Mailgateway (unpaid project for bar.baen.com - talking about
> replacing the system they have with drupal)
>  -- allowing for threaded posting of comments and the ability to
> subscribe to taxonomies and maybe forums also
>  -- this must also have the ability to control access to the nodes just
> as roles and na_arbitrators do (use their data if mods available)
>  -- more spec needed...

I am sure someone will find this useful. Think of a Drupal powered clone
of Google Groups (ne Dejavu).

> Adserver (small but paying project)
>  -- simply put we need to be able to show any ad on a page spot of any
> size w/o limitations
>  -- basic impressions / clicks data would be nice but not at all req
>  -- would like the logic for displaying the ads built into the page view
> itself - allowing the end user to place blocks anywhere and within those
> blocks set simple random rotations of any number of ads.
>  -- the hard part is doing this without repeating any ad show on a
> particular page (ie.. if there are 5 available ads for an area - an
> there are 8 spots open in the block setups it will only show the total
> of five balanced across the available space. it is key that the
> dimensions are not a factor - call it non-idiot proof but it's a needed
> option for the targets. - dimensionally controled spots also would be
> good... )
>  -- the ability to assign types to the blocks

There is the banner module which serves ads from the Drupal site
on the same Drupal site.

At one point Jeremy Andrews was writing an expanded version that treats
ads as nodes.

If you want a central ad server for other sites, why do you need it to be
Drupal? Look in phpAdsNew which is GPL licensed.

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